Litz specializes in meeting the changing needs of the demanding commercial and industrial marketplaces. Our fleet of heavy construction equipment, including a complete portfolio of crane types, heavy hauling tractors, dollies, lowbeds and heavy machinery moving equipment is second to none in the industry.

Our professional and experienced operators, rigging supervisors and project foremen coupled with our many years of providing quality workmanship and a real desire to get the job done well, and on time, have all contributed to the establishment of Litz Cranes as a leading Crane and Rigging supplier to the Western Canadian construction marketplace. With its extensive fleet of cranes and specialized equipment, Litz is equipped to provide complete hoisting packages and on-site project management to meet all our clients needs quickly and efficiently.

Classes of cranes:

  • industrial cranes
  • rough terrain cranes
  • hydraulic truck mounting cranes
  • boom trucks
  • conventional truck mount cranes
  • conventional crawler cranes